HVAC system supply, installation, testing, and commissioning work underway for a 5 Star Hotel Building in Bahir Dar

After successful completion and delivery of ventilation system tasks in the mixed-use building of ALHIW Trading PLC at Bole, we’ve embarked on another project for the same client. This work encompasses supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of HVAC system for a 5 star hotel building, situated in Bahir Dar city, 578 km northwest of Addis Ababa.

We are to supply generator set to Bole Lemi II industrial Park

Our bid to supply 480kW diesel generator set to Bole Lemi II industrial Park is accepted.

15x water transfer pumps received

Germany made 15x Wilo pumps by SiBoost Smart 2 Helix model were received to our warehouse. The pumps with range of capacities are to be supplied to Oromia Construction Corporation.

4 months report & deliberation was held on Feb.11, 2023

Activity and financial reports of each working unit were heard and discussed upon. Planned activities were checked against schedules in relation to encountered technical and operational challenges. Directions on corresponding corrective measures were discussed at each unit level for better accomplishment of tasks over the coming periods of the year.

12x Wilo pumps were already delivered to our warehouse.

Wilo pumps by the latest Atmos Giga_N model were delivered to our warehouse. They would be used in the Gambellla University project of supply, installation & commissioning of chilled water air conditioner works.

Diesel Generating Set is to be supplied to Bole Lemi II Industrial Park

In the bid to supply 440kVA diesel generating set for Bole-Lemi II industrial park, AMEMW signed agreement with Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

Contract entered to pursue a project of 56 Elevators

We have entered into a contract to supply, install, test & commission 56 MRL Elevators. Kality 1 and 2 Army Foundation Apartment Project sites were already received.

AMEMW wishes to all stakeholders and clients a Happy Ethiopian New Year, 2015!

Data system & management strengthened

Wondmneh Tsegaye Imports undertook development of the data system and data management of the company. Company’s ERP tool further enhances work processes.

Annual staff retreat was held from 29-31st of July 2022

A two-day annual staff retreat was held at Haile Hotels & Resorts, Adama. Presentation and deliberation on annual report and planning pointers were done accompanied by engaging trainings. Motivational Annual Employee and Managing Director awards were also part of the retreat at the gala dinner on Saturday 30th of July 2022.

AMEMW’s team paid a visit to partner company-HAS Elevator

AMEMW’s team visited head quarter and production facility of HAS Elevator in Bursa, Turkey. Fruitful discussions were made with HAS team. HAS is the only producer and exporter of elevator among 1000 Turkish exporter companies in 2021.

Old elevators of Addis Ababa City Administration Bureau of Finance are to be replaced

AMEMW takes the contract of dismantling 2 old elevators in the main office building of city’s Bureau of Finance and ‘ll replace them with brand new HAS elevators.

Agreement signed for supply, installation & commissioning of HVAC

AMEMW signed agreement with Gambella University for execution of supply, installation & commissioning of chilled water air conditioner works. The project encompasses 6 buildings – 4 dormitary blocks, 1 administration office and 1staff residence.

AMEMW is awarded Certificate of Recognition

Oromia Bank presented certificate of recognition to AMEMW for its committed business partnership.

Mid-year report was marked by a luncheon given at the new HQ

AMEMW held mid-year staff meeting on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022 at the new office. After 6 months reports of working units were reviewed, luncheon was held in the presence of invited stakeholders.

HQ moved to a new office

The headquarter of AMEMW was relocated to new office down town Addis Ababa – Bole. We’ve moved to a suitable place which fits our demand as we are continuing to grow.

AMEMW is to supply water pumps

AMEMW’s bids won the work of supplying water pumps for 18 projects.

First staff retreat and training held in J Resort Adama

AMEMW begun habituating annual employee day by organizing brief introductory and training session cum retreat at J Resort Adama.

Certificate of Gratitude bestowed to AMEMW

Addis Ababa City Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service presented Certificate of Gratitude for AMEMW for supporting missions of the Service.

Elevator works for 20/80 housing project kicks off

AMEMW received project sites 16 & 17 of the 20/80 housing project scheme. The first phase of installation for the first 25 buildings out of a total of 258 elevators commences.

AMEMW is to remake its institutional form

TWO EB Management Solution PLC is employed to undertake complete overhaul in the organizational structure and operation of the company.