Emergency power supply system

Emergency Power Systems provide automatic backup power in the event of normal power loss; they are applied in all life safety system such as in egress lighting, smoke evacuation, fire alarm systems, and elevators etc. Emergency power supply can be provided by a separate system from the main grid dedicated for events mentioned above and should be available within 10 seconds main power loss. As such, we are involved in the supply and installation of emergency power system for hospitals, data centers etc.

  • Diesel generator
  • UPS (Uninterruptable power Supply)
    • Wiring Accessories
    • Disconnecting Switch
  • Redundancy

Water pumps

We supply and install high-efficiency pumps for residential & commercial buildings, industrial water boosting, HVAC, firefighting, irrigation, waste water collection and transport, and municipal waste water treatment application. Types of pumps included in our scope of selection and supplies are end suction centrifugal surface pumps, solar pumps, and submersible pumps.