Our company has embarked on the area of product research and development in line with our business lines. The objective is to produce quality products/accessories through prototyping and commercialization, which can replace imported items and thus saving hard currency and increasing employment.

Ongoing developments

Elevator counterweights
Elevator counterweight is a dense material that provides balance to an elevator system by exerting an opposite force to the car of the elevator. This will in turn gives a longer life time to the elevator’s motor. Our R&D department is working on developing and manufacturing of this counterweight in-house thus saving a hard currency and any transport fees associated with this bulky material.

Pump control board
Pump control board is an integral part of any high-capacity pump. It controls the pump’s function and prevent it from any damages which comes during operation. Our company is in the process of developing control panels and assemble it in-house for different pump types and capacities.